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Luxury Photo Booths of Distinction for Hire


These are no ordinary photo booths

Our stunning photo booths are very different to what you would expect a photo booth to be. They are individually handcrafted by skilled craftsmen right here in the UK.


Our exclusive Art Deco and Post-Modern black and white open air booths are dedicated to and crafted for every sumptuous occasion, from weddings and birthdays to galas and corporate occasions.

Our booths


Art Deco Booth

Our hand-crafted, Art Deco inspired booth is based on a bellows camera. Its exterior is engineered from beautiful dark hardwood and 9ct gold plated accessories.

It’s just one of three booths of its kind in the UK.


Post-Modern Booth

With matching dark hardwood and 9ct gold plated accessories to our Art Deco booth, the Post-Modern booth is also hand crafted in the UK.

It is the first of only six ever to be made of this particular booth.

For your exquisite event you and your guests deserve the best.

Our freestanding booths are a little different to typical booths. They develop bright, light and crisp black and white mementos which look the part at any occasion.

Booths of Distinction - Wedding Luxury Photo Booth

No tacky props, no fancy backgrounds.

You can expect clean, sleek and chic portraits for guests to cherish.

Create elegant, timeless art prints that showcase your guests’ personalities and style in a single frame.

luxury event photo booth Cheshire - Booths of Distinction

Meaningful Images

Our lavish photo booth has the qualities of a professional portrait studio.

We create beautifully classic black and white portraits for couples or small groups. No props, no gimmicks - just a gorgeous photograph presented in a beautiful mount.


State-of-the-art booths that give off an air of class.

Unlike traditional booths, they enable you and your guests to get creative. Bridal groups, colleagues, couples or small families, you all have the space to create your unique keepsake.

Setting foot into our mobile studio offers an unforgettable experience and an everlasting memory to frame.

Our luxury photo booths are available for events anywhere in the UK!

You can reserve a booth for your event using our contact form.

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Why us?

Our booths are distinctive, but it’s the experience we contribute to your event that make us prosper.

Hand crafted in the UK from sustainable wood, our photo booths come with their own sustainability certificate. 


If you are conscious of this way of life, or maybe it’s a theme of your event, then it’s another reason to book our luxury photo booth.

Our luxury wooden photo booths are the perfect high-end mobile photography studio for any wedding, celebration, charity, event, gala or party. 


Their beautiful sleek looks, studio lighting and professional camera has the ability to create the perfect photo time and time again. 

Booths of Distinction is owned and run by full time wedding photographers. To that end, we really understand light, equipment and what makes a great photograph.


We explored alternatives to the usual photo booths that offer poorly lit images of their subjects with cheap props.

Reserve one of our limited edition photo booths.

You can find out the availability to reserve one of our Booths of Distinction for your occasion using our contact form below…


Or by calling our team on 07544 766 544